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Student Dedicated Every Day, Student Driven In Every Way

Student Dedicated Every Day, Student Driven In Every Way

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Dr. Patterson Contract Extension

Contract Extended for Ozark Superintendent Dr. Patterson


The Ozark Board of Education voted unanimously to extend Superintendent Dr. Kevin Patterson’s contract for another year, making it a three year contract. Dr. Patterson will continue to lead Ozark through the 2019-20 school year. Three years is the longest contract a school board may offer a superintendent under Missouri law. This represents a vote of confidence in Dr. Patterson’s leadership.

Ozark Board of Education president, Patty Quessenberry stated, "On behalf of the Ozark Board of Education, I would like to congratulate Dr. Kevin Patterson on a great year of commendable leadership for the school district and for being highly respected within the community.” 

As part of the evaluation, the Ozark School Board used three of the DESE Standards and Quality Indicators:

  • Implement the Vision, Mission and Goals
  • Provide Effective Instructional Programs
  • Increase Knowledge and Skills based on Best Practices 

Additionally, the Board utilized a district satisfaction survey to gauge Patterson’s leadership skills. This data is used to develop a plan for future school years. One of Patterson’s strengths includes his implementation of a long-range planning process.  

“The commitment of Dr. Patterson is very evident,” continued Quessenberry. “The impact he has made in this District is proven by staying focused on our mission, Student Dedicated Every Day, Student Driven in Every Way. Congratulations, Dr. Patterson!” 

Dr. Patterson is completing his 30th year with the District. He started his career as a math and computer science teacher and also coached football, wrestling and track. Dr. Patterson has gained first-hand insight into the inner-workings of every aspect of Ozark School District as he has held nearly every administrative position throughout the District.