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Student Dedicated Every Day, Student Driven In Every Way

Student Dedicated Every Day, Student Driven In Every Way

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Late Start Procedures

Late Start Procedures
In case we need to use the late start procedures this year, we have outlined the process below. Please understand this procedure will only be used when roads will be safe to travel within the two hour period. If, for example, there is 10 inches of snow or ½ inch of ice on the roads, we will cancel as normal. These numbers are not benchmarks, only examples. There are many factors to include and consider. Some of the factors are amount of precipitation, type of precipitation, current road conditions, air temperature, and possible further accumulations. Student and faculty safety is the primary concern in making the call for cancellation versus late start.

Late Start - 2 hour late start

  1. Dr. Patterson- and his road team will make the call as soon as possible
  2. Dr. Chesick- will notify faculty, staff and students as soon as possible
    1. Employees will receive an automated call as soon as possible
    2. If the decision is made before 6:00 am, we will call parents and students starting at 6:00 am
    3. All information on cancellations and late starts will be posted on the District’s web page, Facebook, and Twitter accounts as soon as possible
    4. The information will also be sent out via the E-news as soon as possible
    5. The local media will be informed as soon as possible, though they do not always run new cancellations in a timely manner
  3. Transportation-  drivers will arrive an hour late from normal report time
    1.  Drivers will clear and prepare buses as needed
    2. All routes will run two hours late
    3. Buses will arrive to buildings approximately two hours late
  4. Food service- hour delay for those arriving before 7 AM
    1. grab and go breakfast
  5. All custodians and maintenance- arrive early to clear sidewalks and parking lot,
  6. Teachers, secretaries, paras, substitutes- arrive at their regular start time
  7. Tiger Care before hours- operates on normal time
    1. Only students enrolled in these programs will be allowed to come in before the normally scheduled drop off time
  8. Tiger Paw- AM Early Childhood Special Education Classes will be cancelled, PM Early Childhood Classes will be in session, AM Title- 1 Pre-school will be cancelled, PM Title-1 Pre-school will be in session, Childcare Program will be in session during its normal hours
  9. Parents bringing children- will be allowed to drop them off at the normal starting time for each individual building
  10. Attendance- will be taken after the buses arrive- two hours after the normal start of the school day. 

Early Release

In circumstances where we must release early, we will run bus routes in the same order as normal dismissal. We will notify the public via Facebook, Twitter, website, the Ozark Schools App and parents will receive a phone call and text message. Our goal is to provide two hours advance notification to allow parents time to make the necessary arrangements.